SV Microwave, Inc has been featured in EEWorld's Test and Measurement Handbook. In conjunction with Times Microwaves Systems, SV Microwave authored Test and Measurement Connections in the World of 5G, which details the challenges for 5G testing including repeatability, reliability, and reproducibility.
SV Microwave, Inc product line for right angle SMA cable assemblies and connectors is now in stock. 
SV Microwave has replaced several of our VITA SMPM 67.3 connectors for better designs.
 SV Microwave, Inc has added a product line of panel mount RF bulkhead cable assemblies.
SV Microwave, Inc has added a product line of pre-tinned (de-golded) pcb connectors.
SV Microwave, Inc has a series of armored RF cable assemblies that are of particular benefit in environments with harsh conditions, such as ground vehicle communications systems.
 The James Webb Space Telescope (JWST), the world's largest, most powerful, and complex space science telescope ever built. It is designed to help scientists identify potential life signatures on other planets by detecting ammonia around six gas dwarf planets after just a few orbits.
SV Microwave, Inc is an industry leader in high-frequency mmWave connectors, adapters, components, and cable assemblies.
SV Microwave, Inc has released a new product catalog around its VITA, VITA RF Product Portfolio, Enabling an Open VPX World. 
SV Microwave, Inc has added a product line of SMP spring bullets.