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New and In Stock - Non Magnetic RF Connectors
Non-Magnetic RF Connectors West Palm Beach, FL – December 14, 2020 – SV Microwave, Inc has added a new line of non-magnetic RF connectors to its product catalog. These connectors provide reliable solutions for a variety of medical, aerospace, and quantum-computing applications. This non-magnetic suite of products is ideal for applications that require low magnetic susceptibility (10^-5 max) and no electric field distortion:  SMA and SMPM series  No field distortion; low susceptibility DC - 26....
Rapid Response Cable Builder Now features even more Cables and Connectors
An Expanded Offering in SV Microwave's Rapid Response Cable Assemblies Builder West Palm Beach, FL – November 6, 2020 – SV Microwave, Inc has added even more connectors and cable type options to its Rapid Response Cable Assemblies builder. Now with new SMA, SMPM, 2.92mm, and VITA 67.3 SMPS connectors, plus a new SuperFlex Ø.047" RF cable option, the Rapid Response Cable Assemblies builder has over 300 possible combinations. As always, custom-build and order your cable assembly and it will ship...
Synapse Application Note
New Synapse Application Note West Palm Beach, FL – October 27, 2020 – SV Microwave, Inc has released new information a new Application Note describing the features and benefits of its Synapse cable assemblies and connectors. The new Synapse product line has been designed to withstand dynamic mating conditions while maintaining stable electrical performance. This new interface can easily handle over 10,000 mating cycles without significant performance loss. Read more in our new application note...
VITA 67.3 Now Has An Extended Product Offering
VITA 67.3 Extended Product Offering West Palm Beach, FL – October 7, 2020 – SV Microwave, Inc has expanded our VITA 67.3 product offering to include more variations. The VITA 67.3 product line now contains six new SMPS and SMPM fixed-length cable assembly configurations in addition to three new male contacts. These new additions are mainly used in high-reliability, high-density aerospace & defense applications and embedded systems markets.      About SV Microwave
SV Microwave is a...
Keyed SMA Cable Assemblies Application Note
New Keyed SMA Cable Assemblies Application Note West Palm Beach, FL – September 17, 2020 – Amphenol SV Microwave, Inc has released new information a new Application Note describing the features and benefits of its Keyed SMA cable assemblies. The new Keyed SMA cable assemblies offer an ideal solution when polarization is required. Currently available in four unique keying configurations and cabled to standard SMAs using Ø.085 cable, these new assemblies are designed to offer more space-savings...