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SOSA™ Aligned Products and Capabilities

SOSA Aligned Products and Capabilities

Sensor Open System Architecture (SOSA) is a consortium that formed as a result of the Department of Defense’s 2013 Procurement Directive, which decreed that all acquisition activity must incorporate Open Systems Architecture principles and practices. SOSA aims to accelerate the deployment of configurable and modular sensor systems while creating an open architecture that reduces development costs.

SV Microwave has been a member of SOSA since 2018, and actively participates and contributes to the VITA 67 and 66 spec. With VITA 67.3, SV continues to increase RF density and bandwidth, while shrinking the overall footprint of a design. Our VITA 66.5 product line achieves further density by combining RF and optical links within the same connector module. 

This Plug-In Module is aligned with the SOSA™ technical standard and features adapter contacts (SF1138- 6020) with SMPS bullets (1138-4001) and SMPS Edge Launch connectors (3285-6001). This module is used to launch the signal directly from the module to the PCB.


  • Radar
  • EO/IR
  • Countermeasure Systems
  • Communications
  • EW Suites

Features & Benefits

  • Complies to the Department of Defense directive
  • Platform affordability
  • Easy-to-repair
  • Re-configurability
  • Future-proofs and optimizes a designed system