Converge RF Cable Assembly Capability

SV Microwave offers a completely customizable solution to optimize cable assembly flexibility in applications with tight routing requirements while minimizing insertion loss. Our proprietary ConvergeRF capability introduces a direct solder connection that transitions from Ø.047" cable to Ø.085" cable without additional interfaces. Not only does this reduce the overall footprint of a cable assembly within a system, but it also allows you to configure precise lengths of a more flexible Ø.047" cable run into a less lossy Ø.085" cable run. 

ConvergeRF is an ideal solution when system design engineers must incorporate a high-density bundle of cable assemblies while maintaining low insertion loss. Below are a few examples of where this can be applied: 

VITA 67.3 SMPS ConvergeRF Cable AssemblyD38999 ConvergeRF Cable AssemblyMini D ConvergeRF Cable Assembly
VITA 67.3 Plug-In Modules 
D38999 Contacts and Cable Assemblies
Mini-D RF Connection System


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