ConvergeRF Cable Assembly Capability

How to Maximize Insertion Loss and Cable Flexibility

RF signal paths are going higher in frequency and tighter in density. This forces designers to choose between cables that are small and flexible or large and low loss. One compromise is to utilize two discreet cable assemblies, which presents its own challenges as it introduces more interfaces, more handling, and degradation of performance into the overall design. 

SV Microwave offers a completely customizable solution to optimize cable assembly flexibility in applications with tight routing requirements while minimizing insertion loss. Our proprietary ConvergeRF capability introduces a direct solder connection that transitions from Ø.047" cable to Ø.085" cable without additional interfaces. Not only does this reduce the overall footprint of a cable assembly within a system, but it also allows you to configure precise lengths of a more flexible Ø.047" cable run into a less lossy Ø.085" cable run. 

Features & Benefits

  • Incorporate a high-density bundle of cable assemblies while maintaining low loss
  • SV’s proprietary splice reduces mating interfaces by removing RF connectors
  • Reduces components by using one cable assembly
  • Customized lengths to allow for any situation
  • Maximize insertion loss budget in complex applications


  • VITA 67.3 and HD VITA 67.3 Plug-In Modules where cables need a tight routing inside the chassis
  • Crowded coaxial D38999 contacts and cable assemblies
  • Mini-D RF Connection System
  • Any situation where routing is tight and low insertion loss is critical