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New Video - Pre-Tinned PCB Connectors West Palm Beach, FL – August 25, 2021   SV Microwave, Inc. has just released a new video that explains what our pre-tinned PCB connectors are and when it is best to use them. This two-minute video explains why avoiding gold embrittlement is so important. Among other reasons it can help:  Create a stronger bond between the PCB connector and board surface Avoid solder joint breakage when under mechanical stress...
In Stock Now - Conformable RF Cable Assemblies West Palm Beach, FL – August 17, 2021   SV Microwave, Inc.'s conformable RF cable assemblies can be easily hand-formed to determine cable bends during installation. These cable assemblies feature the following benefits:  Easily formed by hand to fit almost any application Tin-plated outer sheath provides protection while allowing flexibility No signal degradation due to handling of assembly orientation Discover...