Semi-Rigid RF Cable Capabilities

Semi-Rigid Cable Assemblies

Semi-Rigid RF Cable Capabilities

SV Microwave has the ability to build your semi-rigid cable assembly in-house to precisely the dimensions and bend configuration you need. Our advanced CNC cable bender machine results in highly accurate bent configurations with typical tolerances on linear dimensions at ±.030". Learn more about our semi-rigid cable assembly capabilities in the video below.

Semi-rigid coax cable assemblies feature a construction made from a single, seamless piece of metal tubing. This unique construction provides the following benefits:

  • Minimal insertion loss as compared to other cable types of similar size
  • Retains its bent configuration allowing easy installation
  • Allows for high-density designs in applications with complex cable runs

Features & Benefits

  • Customer supplied CAD files imported to cable bender
  • Cable diameters from ø.250" to ø.034"
  • Bend Radii as small as .032"
  • Positional accuracy of ± .030"
  • Phase matched assemblies as tight as 1°/GHz
  • Delay matched sets as tight as ± 1 ps
  • Custom packaging solutions to eliminate cable damage during shipping and handling