August 19, 2019

When high-speed data processing is required, RF connectors and cable assemblies that shield against EMI/RFI are required.  Let SV Microwave be your partner in your robotic development enabling the automation revolution.

SV Microwave offers a variety of millimeter wave (mmWave) and SMPx coaxial connectors and cable assemblies for robotic and automation development and production.  Our extreme frequency capabilities (26 GHz and beyond) on our threaded and push-on RF connectors offer industry leading signal fidelity in the 5G robotic frequency spectrum.

Key Characteristics:

• Performance from DC to 110 GHz
• Solderless and Solder-On PCB Connectors
• Threaded and Push-on Connector Series
• Readily Available through Distribution

Product portfolio recommended for servicing robotics and automation development applications:

  • SMP push-on connectors:  Performance DC to 40 GHz
  • SMPM push-on connectors:  Performance DC to 65 GHz
  • SMPS push-on connectors:  Performance DC to 100 GHz
  • 2.92mm threaded connectors: Performance DC to 40 GHz
  • 2.4mm threaded connectors: Performance DC to 50GHz
  • 1.85mm threaded connectors: Performance DC to 65GHz

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