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New VITA 67.3 Product Line Offering!


SV just released our line of VITA 67.3 products! VITA 67.3 is the customizable RF version for your embedded systems application.

Features & Benefits:

•  Customizable RF contact locations within module
•  Edge launch option eliminates cable assemblies on plug-in card
•  Coaxial interface standard for daughtercard to backplane connectors
•  SMPM min pitch .228” and SMPS min pitch .155”
•  Designed for side-by-side implementation with other VITA connector standards
•  Floating SMPM coaxial pins ensure excellent RF performance in any mating condition
•  Blindmate and simplified cable routing reduces Mean-Time-To-Repair (MTTR) 
•  Unique SV connector retention mechanism offers significant ease of assembly/disassembly


•  Robust and rugged high speed coax solution
•  High-reliability, high-density for aerospace & defense applications
•  SIGINT, EWR, ground base station & communication systems, avionics, radar systems
•  Air Transport Racks (ATRs) without Rear Transition Modules (RTMs) or limited speed through RTM

Check out our press release here!


Image Part Number Description
3221-40066 VITA 67.3 Backplane Floating SMPM Contact, Ø.086
/sites/default/files/pdf/3221-40071.PDD.PDF 3221-40071 VITA 67.3 Backplane Floating SMPM Contact, Ø.047
SF1132-6067 VITA 67.3 Plugin SMPM male to male adapter
SF9311-60097 VITA 67.3 Daughtercard Module, 10 Position
SF9321-60059 VITA 67.3 Backplane Module C, 10 Position

500-32-015 VITA 67.3 Removal Tool