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New QuarterBack Connector Series Application Note!


High Frequency Connectivity with a Twist!  SV released a new line of connectors called the QuarterBack® series.  The line utilizes a quarter turn bayonet style coupling nut with a locking feature for standard SMP/SMPM interfaces.  The QuarterBack® connectors are ideal for high vibration and test applications that require a large number of mating cycles.




  • Quarter turn bayonet locking feature on standard SMP/SMPM interface
  • Low VSWR through 40 GHz(SMP) / 65 GHz(SMPM)
  • Female cable connector options available for all flexible cable types .086” diameter and smaller
  • All standard SMP/SMPM male connector options available upon request


  • Bench-top testing  (PCB mount, cable connectors and adapters)
  • High vibration environments
  • Applications requiring a high number of mating cycles
  • Military and Commercial options available


  • Low insertion/extraction forces, compared to standard full detent SMP and SMPM, mean less torque on board mount connector solder joints during mating and demating
  • Spring loaded positive mating feature allows excellent electrical performance even in extreme vibration environments
  • Low mating forces allow for more mating cycles without failure compared to full detent SMP and SMPM