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New Product News

Flexible Cable Assemblies

SV Microwave is proud to introduce a new family of high performance flexible Ø.047-style cable assemblies.  Available in multiple variations, the new FleXtra® cable assemblies will surely fit your needs.  Choose from a wide variety of industry standard connector styles or custom designs to meet your performance requirements.

SV Microwave's Newest Solderless High Speed Connectors

Say Goodbye to your Soldering Iron!  SV Microwave's released their newest solderless high speed eval board connectors.

Mouser is Now Stocking SV's High Frequency Cable Assemblies. CLICK HERE to order!

SV’s high speed cable assemblies feature high frequency capabilities with small diameter push-on interfaces.  These cables are primarily used for “inside the box” applications to attach I/O connectors to PCB mount connectors in MIL-AERO, Test and Instrument, and Datacom/Telecom markets.

Finally Smaller is Better! Check out SV's new SMPS Connector Series. The latest in the RFfortless® Line of Connectors.

SMPS is the next generation in miniature connectors under SV Microwave’s RFfortless®. The SMPS furthers SV's threadless designs of push-on and blindmate connectors and is capable of frequencies exceeding 100 GHz. Being 45% smaller than the SMP and 30% smaller then the SMPM, the SMPS is ideal for dense packaging in multiport applications. The SMPS also has a low interface height making it an excellent choice for board to board applications using a bullet design.

SV Microwave Releases New QuarterBack® Ad

SV Microwave has just released a new series of connectors called the QuarterBackTM.  This line utilizes a quarter turn bayonet style coupling nut with a locking feature for standard SMP/SMPM interfaces.

SV Microwave launches new Board Mount Ad

SV Microwave is proud to introduce the latest addition to its next generation line of push-on interconnects.  Our complete line of board mount connectors is designed to meet the industry need for high-performing, easy-to-use compact designs.