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Need a High Speed, High Density Cable Solution? Test Our FeatherMate Eval Kit Today!


SV now offers our exclusive FeatherMate Interconnect System in a complete Evaluation Kit (Part Number: FM-EVALKIT)!  

*FM-EVALKIT is exclusively available at Mouser Electronics!

Our kit includes everything required to sufficiently test the connector and PCB launch:

  1. 4 Port FeatherMate connector to (4) 2.92mm (SVK) male 6.0" Ø.047 cable assemblies
  2. Printed Circuit Board with FeatherMate hardware and (4) female 2.92mm (SVK) edge launch connectors
  3. Hex Tool for installation / removal
  4. USB drive with application specifications


Features & Benefits:

  • High density (.085” center-to-center spacing)
  • Zero force to disengage
  • 65 GHz multiport
  • Direct connection to board trace
  • Solder-free board mounts for quick and easy installation/removal
  • Small diameter coax cable connectors are available.  


  • High density, low-force applications
  • Bench-top testing
  • Automated Test Equipment (ATP)

Download our Application Note HERE