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SV Microwave’s high frequency, high performance millimeter wave PCB connectors have the precision, quality and frequencies needed for the millimeter wave spectrum through 67 GHz and are IN STOCK with Avnet! ​Check it Out! Technology’s next wonder is out there, somewhere. It may just be scribbles on a napkin right now, a possibility on paper, but tomorrow, it could change the world – with a little help from...
TTI just released a video on SV's new line of solderless edge launch connectors.  This line of high speed RF/coaxial solderless edge launch connectors are ideal for high frequency PCB applications where precision is key. These rugged, durable and reuseable connectors are adjustable to accommodate multiple PCB thicknesses and do not cause damage to the printed circuit board.  Current interface configurations include our high frequency SMA, 2.92mm, 2.4mm and 1.85mm series.   Click here for more...
SV is Heading West to Mesa, AZ!
Heading West! SV Microwave is excited to annouce it's expanding manufacturing operations in Mesa, Arizona Q1 of 2019.      
SV Microwave just launched our line of 3mm coaxial between board spacing PCB interconnects.  This line allows for the lowest stacked height (3mm) of any board-to-board high frequency coaxial connection system.  SV’s 3mm product line is ideal for high density stacked and high density multiport applications.  Additionally, installation of this line can be accomplished with and without solder.   Click here for more information:...
SV Microwave manufactures a large variety of high speed solderless precision RF connectors in high frequency bands including the millimeter wave frequencies for any PCB.  SV offers a variety of cost effective coaxial PCB mount SMA, 2.92mm, 2.4mm & 1.85mm connector series.  Our solderless application makes assembly fast, easy and without damaging the PCB board.  Additionally, SV can customize a PCB footprint design for your application using our latest simulation technology. FEATURES...