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LTI Connector

No Need for a Dust Cap - This Connector Wipes Clean

SV Microwave has developed a new RF series that re-imagines the design of our proprietary LiteTouch product line to create an easy-to-clean exposed interface in a familiar SMA-sized form factor. Our LTI (LiteTouch Interface) product line includes cable connectors for both Ø.047” and Ø.085” cable types and panel mount adapters that are IP67-rated in the unmated condition and easily wiped down. This eliminates the need for an extra accessory, such as a dust cap.

Features & Benefits

  • No need for a dust cap
  • Easy-to-clean exposed interface
  • IP67 in the mated and unmated condition
  • No fragile parts exposed greatly reduces the chance of damage


  • Weatherproof systems
  • Durable outdoor field equipment
  • Rugged marine products