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Armored RF Cable Assemblies

Armored RF Cable Assemblies

SV Microwave offers a range of armored RF cable assemblies designed to excel in challenging conditions, especially in applications like ground vehicle communications systems. Cable assemblies are available in both fully and partially armored configurations, these can deliver outstanding resistance to corrosion and crushing.

Ruggedized Cable Assembly Options

Fully Armored

For applications requiring ruggedization along the entire length of the cable.

Partially Armored

For applications requiring flexible sections along side ruggedized sections.

The Armor was tested under the following conditions, and all environmental stress was not found to have any effect on Armor Testing.

  • Cables tested for compressive deflection using an Instron Tensile Tester with a 1 kN load cell to simulate harsh environment conditions.
  • The compression test clamp rate was 0.5 in/min until 1000 lbf was applied.
  • The armored cable (.250” I.D. version) was found to have compressed 5% max at 1 100 lbf which was not significant enough to impact the electrical performance of the cable.

Features & Benefits

  • Continuously interlocked 302 stainless steel armor provides exceptional corrosion and crush resistance
  • Armored bend radius prevents accidental overbend of RF cable
  • Fully armored and partially armored options available
  • Withstands pull force up to 45 lbf
  • Fits all standard connector series including SMA, 2.92 mm, 2.4 mm, 1.85 mm, ZMA, Type N and TNC


  • Harsh environment conditions
  • Ground vehicle communications systems
  • Real-time situational awareness field transceivers
  • Satellite communications field data uplink devices
  • Ground based field-deployable radar systems